10 Tips to Grow Your Happiness by Dr. Bridget Ross, ND

10 Tips to Grow Your Happiness by Dr. Bridget Ross, ND

August 7 2018

How do we cultivate it within us? How do we hold on to it once its here? So many people when asked what they want out of life will reply: “ I just want to be happy”. When I think about the happiest moments of my life. It is almost always experiential. I am completely in the moment. I am just being. Playing in a pool. Getting married. Riding my bike for the first time. Dancing with friends. Watching a sunset. So completely in the moment. And bam! Happiness arrives. If I had to break down some sort of equation it would be:

Being in the moment + inspiring experience + connection to self/others = happiness

What is happiness? Happiness is a feeling like a spark of light bathed in joy, contentment & relaxation. There is lots we can do to bring more happiness into our life. As with everything, its about being intentional in creating those experiences. Making time for in the moment experiences and doing the work to reap the rewards.

10 Tips for more happiness in your life:

  1. Appreciate. Appreciate. Appreciate. This could possibly be the biggest factor when it comes to being happy. Happy people live with a gratefulness in their heart. Make it a ritual to end or start each day with something you are grateful for, it can be simple or deep. The five minute journal is a great resource for this.
  1. Connect & Be Vulnerable. Research has confirmed. The more vulnerable we are, the more whole hearted we are. Benig vulnerable connects you & therefore feeds you. Allows you to be seen & supported for who you are. See Brene Brown for all her wisdom.
  1. Get outdoors & walk more. Being in nature & walking more have both been proven to improve mental health & welllbeing. Walking to work for example is a great idea.
  1. Look forward to something; a trip, an event, a move, anything! Our brains love looking forward to something special. It also acts as a resource to pull on when feeling down.
  1. Be gentle with yourself; only kind self talk. Speak to yourself you would a young child. So often when we act out it IS our inner child so using that type of tone & language would be very appropriate.
  1. Help others. Volunteering & being in service to others is very beneficial for your own health. It’s a win-win!
  1. Check yourself. Do your work. Find out your triggers. Your insecurities. This will allow you to take responsibility, improve your life & know who you are. Most definitely reach out to a counsellor or therapist in your area, especially if you’re struggling with a lack of happiness.
  1. Get Moving. Exercise is a wonderful way to boost feel good neurotransmitters in the brain.
  1. Invest in experiences not things. We remember the how not the what. Maya Angelou said we remember how people made us feel not what they say. Invest in your experiences instead of physical things. Experiences will make the most impact.
  1. Connect. Love. Share. Its why we’re here.

Top 5 supplements for more joy:

  1. St John Wort
  2. Vitamin D
  3. High Dose Fish Oil
  4. 5-HTP
  5. Good quality Probiotic

*Please see a licensed health care provider before implementing any supplements in your own life.


  1. Meditation: Headspace, Calm or MindBody
  2. Book: Power of Now By Ekhart Tolle
  3. Book: The little Book of Lykke: The Danish Search for the World’s Happiest People
  4. Solid high plant diet with 2L of pure water per day (Its own topic completely, stay tuned for more info on eating for mood)
  5. Laugh: bookmark the youtube videos that make you laugh out loud, here are my favourites: Puppies vs. stairs and Stretcher wipe outs 

Information above is not a substitute for medical advice and is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Please seek medical advice before implementing changes to your own life.

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