My Services

Health is connection.

Health is connection to our body, our community & most importantly, to who we are. I want to help people thrive; mentally, emotionally & spiritually. I hope to ignite courage & strength to know , love and be exactly who are. Your health concerns and your story will guide the visit while my intuition and knowledge with inform the experience.


Why Should I Book A Session?

 In working together I help you reconnect with who you are and ultimately heal from the inside out. 

You want a deeper transformation. You want to feel empowered about healing yourself.



You are struggling with:


Stress related Illness



Feeling "disconnected from self"



Initial Visit

An initial visit allows us to get an in-depth look at your whole health picture. We will explore details such as past medical history, family history along with social, emotional and environmental factors which contributed to your health and well-being. I look forward to meeting you! Length: 1.5-2hrs

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Follow Up Visit

In follow up visits we will re-visit your original health concerns and look for objective and subjective signs that you are on track to feeling better. We will adjust your individualized health & supplement plan to suit your changing needs and health goals. Length: 1hr


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