Preventing Burnout


Preventing Burnout 

Since Naturopathic Doctors are trained to treat holistically, we’ll discuss how to approach preventing burnout from many angles. Perhaps the most important thing when it comes to addressing burnout is to really take a good look at your life in terms of what is filling you up & what is draining you. Burnout is our body giving us a very real signal that we are out of alignment with what our body, mind & spirit wants. This could be from over working or even spending energy on people, situations & places that no longer serve us. Burnout is your body inviting you to return to you. It is your body asking to be nourished & loved. Below are my personal top 5 for addressing preventing burnout holistically. You are more than just your cells, blood & bones. You have heart, purpose, creativity, talents & so much more. 

Top 5 Diet: 

  1. Eat every 2-3 hours: blood sugar balance
  2. Eat good quality proteins: blood sugar balance
  3. Eat organic, unprocessed foods: reduce toxicity
  4. Avoid excess caffeine: taxes the adrenals
  5. Avoid refined carbohydrates: blood sugar balance

Top 5 Supplement: 

  1. Good quality probiotic
  2. Activated B Complex
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Magnesium bisglycinate
  5. Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Top 5 Lifestyle Choices:

Routine: The adrenals are our glands which are responsible for secreting cortisol. Cortisol is our “stress hormone”, meaning it helps our body adapt to stress. Stress usually comes from a feeling of loss of control or uncertainty. Adding in structured routine to your days means less stress on your system. The adrenals love predictability & control so keeping to schedule will help prevent that unnecessary stress. 

Therapy/counselling: I am a BIG advocate for people having the opportunity to speak to someone about how they are feeling. Keeping feelings to ourself is a burden on our system. If we can release those emotions it allows us to show up be the best version of us. 

Meditation/Relaxation Practices: Learning to quiet the mind is hugely beneficial for reducing stress & anxiety. Its important to find a meditation that works for you; guided, movement, silent, soft music – what ever it is – give your body the gift of meditation. 

Exercise & Sleep: These two are no brainers. That being said, I will say that people who are indeed feeling burntout would do better with allowing more gentle/restorative exercises such as gentle hike, yin yoga, dancing etc. 

Mindset: This is such a big topic & deserves its own blog post BUT mindset is HUGE. When it comes to stress, our perception of how the stress impacts matters more than the stresser itself. Check out this ted talk by Kelly McGonigal to learn more. Additionally, practicing gratitude & forgiveness on a daily basis is hugely beneficial. Let yourself really connect to the emotion of appreciation. Maintaining positive self talk is possibly the most important factor; when we are gentle with ourselves it prevents self judgement. 

Top 5 Spiritual Practices:

Know thyself: When we know who we are we cant help but fall to our knees in awe on our stength, power & creativity. We are truly more magnificant then we’ve been led to believe. 

Creative Outlets: Being creative is not only relaxing to our system, in most cases it also helps to “fill our cup”. Being creative is an activity that can be done just for you. 

Living from integrity: To me, integrity is about living your truth & being authentic. We can all think of times when we didnt act, think or speak according to our integrity and just how draining that experience was & how much it weighed on us. Living our truth is the most courageous & loving thing we can do for ourselves. 

Connection: Fostering meaningful & deep relationships is life giving. Period. 

Self Love: When we’re burntout our body is calling out for love. Our body is looking for nourishment, rest & space.When we love ourselves we can show up how we need to for our body, mind and spirit. 

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