Proactive vs Reactive (Know the Exact Definition)

Proactive vs. Reactive.

I am realizing more & more just how much proactive vs. reactive, plays a role in every choice we make, especially those related to health. In our daily lives, we often make choices from a reactive place. We are reacting to what is coming at us. For example, 6pm dinner time – “ok, let me whip something together” or “lets just grab take out”. Or how about exercise; waiting until we feel really “blah”, pushing us to react with an impromptu spin class.


I am sure you can think of a ton of choices you make out of reaction to something else. The thing is, the energy we bring to reactive choice is not nearly as great and beneficial as a proactive choice. The results of a reactive choice are usually not as fulfilling & merely just to get through or get something done. This means our body  & minds, are going to be less likely to find value in it – so a wasted opportunity of filling your cup. Don’t get me wrong, reactive choices are crucial & life saving but when it comes to living our best life – pro active is the way to go.


Proactive is that inspiration driven and enthusiastic energy we bring to something. It’s that feeling you get when you wake up & decide “Im cleaning out that closet today”, instead of the reactive way which is waiting till you literally cant fit one more single thing in there and begrudgingly take things out in desperation.


Proactive energy is creative, light and inspired. It comes with the knowing that we have the power and freedom to make good choices & live a vibrant life. This feeling is heaven for your nervous system; freedom & power. People with PTSD, experience the opposite (lack of escape & disempowered) during their traumatic event which causes the trauma in the first place.


I truly believe so much of life is what we bring to it – cultivating as many proactive choices regarding your health will lend to better diet, healthier relationships & a more enjoyable life. The great part is, this ability doesn’t come from a bottle – it can start with you, your heart & your mindset. And there is no better medicine in the world than that.

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