Self Love: The game changer for your health

Why is it important?: When we love ourselves; we make life choices based on integrity & serving us; that not only puts us on the path toward health (i.e. right job, right relationship, right food choice), it helps teach those around us to do the same. It also indirectly teaches boundaries (when we say no to that event that doesn’t feel good – in a way its giving others permission to do the same). Some people may be thinking.. putting myself first.. sounds a little selfish.. Im here to say: NOPE! I can guarantee you; as you profoundly love yourself that will radiate out in your actions & how you show up in the world; there will be that much more of you to share. Think of the oxygen mask analogy, when a plane is going down, passengers are told to secure their own mask FIRST before attending to anyone else’s. We need to pour from a full cup. Self love frees us up to BE who we are. Every single person I work with; if we can work together to foster even a sliver more self acceptance, self love, self empowerment; big things happen for them; pursuing dream career, making better food choices & enjoying life more. What’s better than that? 



10 ways to get more self love:




2. Quiet the inner critic: meditation 


3. What brings you joy/comfort/aliveness/bliss/peace; GET CLEAR ON YOUR HAPPINESS LIST


4. Do something everyday; JUST FOR YOU (tea, walk through the park, buy cozy slippers, massage your feet)


5. Tap into your body – seriously, try it now – place one hand on your heart & notice what is there, acknowledge and weight, tension you feel


6. Be gentle with yourself; speak to yourself as you would a child or dear friend


7. Dont take anything personally; ANY scenario you run into; try to see it as more to do with them & where they are at. Stay in your own lane. Its none of your business what people’s opinions of you are. 


8. Cultivate Hygge; “Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special” 


9. Choose your people wisely: be super selective with whom you send your time with. Choose people that leave you feel filled up & seen. If you need to be around people that don’t do this, make firm boundaries & take breaks when you need to (hello, bathroom!).     


10. Find out your Love Languages : Almost all my patients are encouraged to take the love language quiz as it will let you know exactly how you like to receive love. Not only is that helpful for loved ones so that they can start offering you that, but also for yourself so you can begin to give that love to yourself. The 5 languages are: Quality time, Physical touch, Acts of service, Words of affirmation and Gifts. 

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