Top 10 herbal teas for your health


You may already be a big fan of tea but want to take your tea drinking to the next level by not only choosing based on taste but also health benefits. Tea is a great way to supplement an already healthy lifestyle. Here is my list of top 10 herbal teas for health:

Top 10 Herbal Teas for Health:

  1. Nettle:
    • Actions: My go-to for any one on the go. This super nourishing herb will you’re your body lots of goodness. Extremely nutritive (Vitamin B, C, K, protein, amino acids & minerals!), anti-allergic, anti-rheumatic. Conditions: Pregnancy (20+weeks), adrenal fatigue/burn out, seasonal allergies, skin reactions (hives), rheumatism. Objective: energize & nourish
  1. Chamomile:
    • Actions: Great for all things digestion. Tummy aches, bloating, nausea, inflammation. It has the added benefit of soothing anxiety as well. Anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, criminative(digestive), sedative, heal gut lining. Conditions: IBS, stomach aches, heartburn, anxiety, uterine cramps, travel indigestion. Objective: rest & digest 
  1. Licorice:
    • Actions: A yummy super functioning herb. It helps decrease inflammation, supports your immune system & helps with stress. Anti-inflammatory, adrenal support, demulcent. Conditions: Stress, cold prevention, heartburn, adrenal fatigue/burnout, PCOS, bronchitis/asthma, constipation. Objective: nourish & support. Caution: High blood pressure & Heart concerns
  1. Ginger:
    • Actions: A wonderful warming herb great for winter months as well as indigestion and nausea. Anti-vomit, carminative(digestive), anti-inflammatory. Conditions: Nausea, morning sickness, digestive upset, cold/flu, infections, uterine cramping. Objective: warm & sooth digestion
  1. Raspberry Leaf:
    • Actions: Typically a women’s herb in that it prevents PMS as well as prepares the uterus for child birth. Nutritive, partus prepartus, hormonal support. Conditions: Labour prep (20+weeks), PMS, uterine cramping, morning sickness. Objective: Support female health & nourishing
  1. Mint:
    • Actions: A digestive tonic & cooling herb. Great for indigestion & fevers. Nutritive, carminative(digestion) & calming. Conditions: bloating, indigestion, nausea, fevers. Caution: heartburn because it loosens the esophageal sphincter. Objective: digest
  1. Green Tea:
    • Actions: A nutrient-rich tea full of calming & anti-oxidant properties. Anti-cancer, anti-anxiety, calming, anti-aging, detox. Conditions: overall health, anxiety. Objective: vitalize
  1. Lemonbalm:
    • Actions: Sedative, carminative. Conditions: Anxiety, insomnia, depression, intestinal colic, fever/cold. Objective: calm the nerves & digest
  1. Passionflower:
    • Actions:  A powerful sleep aid to gently sooth you to sleep. Anti-anxiety, sedative. Conditions: Anxiety, insomnia/trouble falling asleep, nervous palpitations, tension headaches. Objective: restful sleep
  1. Dandelion:
    • Action: A wonderful detox herb. Dandelion helps support the liver. Conditions: detox, skin concerns, gut health. Objective: detox 




Disclaimer: Information above is not intended as medical advice but purely for educational purpose. Information above is not a replacement for diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions. Seek out professional medical advice before implementing any changes.

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